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Chapter 6

Lucaus felt like he was floating, and yet he felt like he was on the ground.  It was was dark all around.
“Where am I?” The boy asked frightened reaching for something, anything to grab onto. There was a sudden line of light as if a door was being opened, a shadowy figure appeared in the light. “Who’s there?” Lucaus ask sternly.The shadow grew to a huge hight. As the creature stepped forward Lucaus got a better view of it.
    The magnificent beast stood Sixteen feet tall. It was twenty foot long from snout  to tail tip. It had a long scaly neck that attached it’s head to a broad body. The creatures wings were tucked into it’s body. It had to long ‘horns protruding from the back of his head. The things under belly was a tree bark brown. The beast’s upper body was green  with some red spots. The creatures eyes were a deep yellow. when it spoke it spoke like the voice before but gentler.
“You are ready.”
“Ready? Ready for what?” Lucaus was more confused than ever. “Who are you and why am I ready?”
“I am Rishad The Over Seer of whatever need over seen.”
“Well that explains who you are, but what am I ready for?”
“You, Lucaus Balvair, are ready to take on your true power.” the dragon started. Lucaus had the look that said “true power??”
“You will be granted access to your draconic heritage.”
“Draconic heritage?” the human asked in confusion.
The dragon shook his head. “Do you remember your parents?” Rishad ask trying to get Lucaus to understand.
“Yes.” Lucaus choked out trying to keep back tears.
“Do you remember who they were.”
Lucaus paused and thought of all those years back. “Well my mother was a doctor, and my father a businessman.”
“Lucaus,” the dragon paused as those he was unsure about going on. “how did your father die?”
Lucaus had a hard time going on but he did. “I remember that a group of dragons called the Bueggotti wanted him dead, so he stayed behind to hold them back and save me and my mom. I don’t even know how a human could have-” Lucaus was cut off by an unbelievable shout
“Human!” Rishad threw his hands into the air in disbelief. “Human, you think your father was human!?!” Lucaus as was in a state of fearful confusion. “Your father was a dragon!” Rishad revealed
Lucaus floated there stunned at the thought of his father being a dragon. He had thought of it before but never really believed it. Everything that Rishad had told him about his true power and draconic heritage now started to make a little more sense.
“So does that mean I’m a-”
“Yes, you are a human and a dragon the first of its kind.” Lucaus was bewildered.
There was a sudden ringing and everything started to fade. Rishad The Over Seer started to talk frantically.
“You must live or all hope is lost. You are the only one who can save both worlds from utter destruction. You're the one Of Scale and Flesh. You are the only one!” the voice faded out and everything went fuzzy. Lucaus was left in the darkness, floating in his confusion.
Aww yes some thickening of plot. I hope you al like it. 
 Link to chapter 1 
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:stare: shit just got real
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Yep it did. 
Volt-The-Nightfury Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Student Writer
Nice an long! Sweet :dummy:
Brome-Featherkey Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks:) it was a pain to type. 
Volt-The-Nightfury Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Student Writer
Lol worth it!
Brome-Featherkey Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Student General Artist
yes it was. :)
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