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Chapter 5

Lucaus’s room was a decent side area. There was a closet in the back corner of the bedroom. A tall cherry wood dresser was in the center of the opposite wall to the bed. Lucaus’s bed had blue covers with a red pillow the frame was brown. A window sat in the wall at the back of the room. The walls were a dark shade of blue.
Lucaus laid on his back in his bed in deep thought, looking at his pendant.
“Why was that shrink so interested in my pendant, and why did she look so familiar?” Lucaus took a deep breath trying to calm his n=confused mind. “Leasah freaked out when I showed her my pendant.” Lucaus scrunched his face. “It’s not like her to act like that. she looked as if it was an end to a great plot.”
The boy looked deeply at his pendant and noticed a faint glow in it. He sat up to get a closer looking he could make out some faint blue, red, and tan colors swirling around inside.
“What the heck?!” Lucaus stood up. There was a sudden burst of blinding light and a booming voice that shouted.
“You are ready.”
There was an excruciating bang of pain in his head. The boy stumbled and tripped. He fell backwards, unable to catch himself, and hit his head  on the dresser. The fifteen year old fell on his back ,limply, hitting the ground hard. Lucaus was unconscious.
Yeah.. this one is a shorty. I hope you all like it. If you haven't read my story here is a link to the first chapter.
Link to Capter 6
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